On your doorstep

The Woodland

Ravendere Retreats is situated in a 12 acre woodland in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Home to many deciduous and evergreen tree species including beech, ash, hazel, Douglas fir, horse chestnut and cedar, there is an abundance of wildlife to observe and admire. From snowdrops in January to a carpet of bluebells in late spring, no matter which season you visit you'll be surrounded by beautiful nature.

If you fancy exploring, the woodland has a meandering footpath that forms a loop taking approximately 20-30 minutes to walk. Taking the path to the right of the parking area (towards the Treehouse) you'll first reach a natural clearing home to the ruins of an old cottage. We believe this to have last been inhabited in the early 1900's, and has since been reclaimed by the woodland - a rather magical sight.  There are a number of deer herds that inhabit the woodland and you may catch a glimpse of them in this area. 

Turning left and walking up past the Treehouse, the path continues to wind up through the valley to another natural clearing. Being the highest accessible point of the woodland this is the perfect sunny spot for a picnic and to take in the views. We supply a picnic basket and blanket in your retreat that you're welcome to use!

To assist your descend you'll discover a woodland staircase of approximately 20 steps leading back down into the woodland. Covered by tree canopy.. dappled sunlight bathes the ...bees and butterflies wild flowers

Follow the path as far as it goes, and you'll come to a trickling stream (the woodland boundary). You may also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of deer here as they often come down to the stream to drink. Turning left to continue your walk with the stream on your right you'll pass a large triangular log store, before reaching our wild pond. The path climbs uphill again before you're back to the parking area.